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Update Log

Oct 25, 2019
Path - 2.2.6 - Release

This release includes: Bulk move and dump. This can be done both from the main storage box page and the storage locations page A few other small changes to the web app. There is also a ... Continue Reading

Oct 1, 2019
Path - 2.2.3 - Release

Path Version 2.2.3 has been released live, it includes: [maint]       Add search on Asset List Page [maint]       Add pick-list for locations on asset details page [maint]       Make asset name l... Continue Reading

Sep 30, 2019
Path - - Release

Release v2.2.2.1 is now live.  This release contains: -Bug fixes to android app Continue Reading

Sep 26, 2019
PATH - v2.2.2 - Release

Path v2.2.2 has been released live. It includes four items for the RFID scanner: “Unwashed” on the labels no longer runs into the QR code Scanned boxes will now always appear on the bottom of... Continue Reading

Sep 20, 2019
PATH - v2.1.20 - Release

PATH v2.1.20 is now live. 830 - Resize images before upload [Purchase Order, Maintenance] Scanner beeps when it finds a tag [Produce Inventory] Date fille can now be in the past [Produc... Continue Reading

Sep 19, 2019
PATH - v2.1.19 - Release

PATH v2.1.19 is now live. It contains: Improved Box List Page [Storage module] Added new columns Variety, Size, Grade, Amount, Lot, Grower, Field Date, Storage Added fi... Continue Reading

Sep 13, 2019
PATH - v2.1.18 - Release

PATH v2.1.18 is live. You can now create Lots with no field or size, and change the lot name There is a new version of the app available that has multiple UI improvements Lot selection... Continue Reading

Aug 27, 2019
PATH - v2.1.13 - Release

PATH v2.1.13 has just been released to live. This version includes: The asset page has been improved Some elements were re-arraigned for desktop viewing The incomplete and compl... Continue Reading

Aug 20, 2019
PATH - 2.1.12 - Release

Path v2.1.12 is live, this release includes Users with the “User” permission can now change a user’s password to whatever they want The information panel on the PO approval page will sho... Continue Reading

Aug 8, 2019
PATH - v2.1.10 - Release

This release includes: Fix for duplicate tag message Fix for all actions showing on boxes Permissions are now sorted on role screen by module Basic box dumping was added ... Continue Reading