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Update Log

Oct 1, 2019
Path - 2.2.3 - Release

Path Version 2.2.3 has been released live, it includes: [maint]       Add search on Asset List Page [maint]       Add pick-list for locations on asset details page [maint]       Make asset name l... Continue Reading

Sep 30, 2019
Path - - Release

Release v2.2.2.1 is now live.  This release contains: -Bug fixes to android app Continue Reading

Sep 26, 2019
PATH - v2.2.2 - Release

Path v2.2.2 has been released live. It includes four items for the RFID scanner: “Unwashed” on the labels no longer runs into the QR code Scanned boxes will now always appear on the bottom of... Continue Reading

Sep 20, 2019
PATH - v2.1.20 - Release

PATH v2.1.20 is now live. 830 - Resize images before upload [Purchase Order, Maintenance] Scanner beeps when it finds a tag [Produce Inventory] Date fille can now be in the past [Produc... Continue Reading

Sep 19, 2019
PATH - v2.1.19 - Release

PATH v2.1.19 is now live. It contains: Improved Box List Page [Storage module] Added new columns Variety, Size, Grade, Amount, Lot, Grower, Field Date, Storage Added fi... Continue Reading

Sep 13, 2019
PATH - v2.1.18 - Release

PATH v2.1.18 is live. You can now create Lots with no field or size, and change the lot name There is a new version of the app available that has multiple UI improvements Lot selection... Continue Reading

Aug 27, 2019
PATH - v2.1.13 - Release

PATH v2.1.13 has just been released to live. This version includes: The asset page has been improved Some elements were re-arraigned for desktop viewing The incomplete and compl... Continue Reading

Aug 20, 2019
PATH - 2.1.12 - Release

Path v2.1.12 is live, this release includes Users with the “User” permission can now change a user’s password to whatever they want The information panel on the PO approval page will sho... Continue Reading

Aug 8, 2019
PATH - v2.1.10 - Release

This release includes: Fix for duplicate tag message Fix for all actions showing on boxes Permissions are now sorted on role screen by module Basic box dumping was added ... Continue Reading

Jul 25, 2019
PATH - v2.1.9 - Release

Version 2.1.9 of Path has been released to live. This release includes: 920 Create a PO approval queue page ... Continue Reading