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Update Log

Jan 3, 2020
PATH - v2.3.3 - Release

Path v2.3.3 has been release live, this includes: Bugs: -Fixed issue with WO's not being able to complete without an odometer Storage: -Added 'inactive\active' box status  S... Continue Reading

Dec 27, 2019
PATH - v2.3.2 - Release

Path v2.3.2 has been release live, this includes: Bugs: 1) Fixed issue with mechanics not showing on dropdowns 2) Fixed issue with WO added from asset details page not showing imm... Continue Reading

Dec 23, 2019
PATH - v2.2.13 - Release

Path v2.2.13 has been release live, this includes: System: 1) Alphabetize dropdown lists 2) Removed 'system user' (our admin account) from dropdown lists  3) Added "Blank" and "Select All"... Continue Reading

Dec 9, 2019
PATH - v2.2.12 - Release

Path v2.2.12 has been release live, this includes: System: 1) Added horizontal scrolling bars to top of list pages  Maintenance: 1) Ability to assign default mechanics to assets To use ... Continue Reading

Dec 4, 2019
Path - v2.2.11 - Release

Path v2.2.11 has been release live, this includes: System: 1) Pop-up asking to confirm anytime delete is used ( 2) Minor UI changes on list pages (aligned buttons et... Continue Reading

Nov 26, 2019
Path - v2.2.10 - Release

Path v2.2.10 has been release live, this includes: Maintenance Module 1) Ability to merge work orders (from asset details page) 2) Ability to edit scheduled maintenance tasks 3) Added 'Oth... Continue Reading

Nov 20, 2019
Path - v2.2.9 - Release

Path v2.2.9 has been release live, this includes:    1) [Bug fix] Column selector off-screen 2) [Bug Fix] Error when deleting PO's 3) [Storage] Improve box action screen ... Continue Reading

Nov 7, 2019
Path - v2.2.8 - Release

Path v2.2.8 has been release live, this includes: 1) [System] Home page layout changes 2) [System] Error messaging with iOS on app scan action ... Continue Reading

Nov 6, 2019
Path - v2.2.7 - Release

Path v2.2.7 has been released live This includes:  1) [Maint] Asset details are view-only by default 2) [System] Improve breadcrumbs 3) [System] Simplify permission setup for single compan... Continue Reading

Nov 5, 2019
Path - v2.2.6.1 - Release

PATH v2.2.6.1 has been released to live When filling boxes the location the box will be stored at is displayed If you click on a box on the list it will show the current location along with t... Continue Reading