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Update Log

Nov 3, 2020
PATH - v2.6.6 - Release

PATH v2.6.6 has been released to live. This includes: Ability to control name of ‘fields’  Fixed issue with erasing document descriptions Added time to QC check verification ... Continue Reading

Nov 2, 2020
PATH - v2.6.5 - Release

PATH v2.6.5 has been released to live. This includes: Add packing pricing user permission Add upload slots to load details page (Phyto\CPIQ\General) Allow QC verification informatio... Continue Reading

Oct 29, 2020
PATH - v2.6.4 - Release

A new release of PATH is live. This includes: Ability to schedule report sending Added production run verification validation Fix to show box history for empty boxes Fix to... Continue Reading

Oct 28, 2020
PATH - v2.6.3 - Release

Hi all, A new released of PATH is now live. This includes: -Ability to add packing line comments -Fixed issue with link on packaging scheduled page Thanks ... Continue Reading

Oct 27, 2020
PATH - v2.6.2 - Release

A new update to PATH is live, this includes: -Added ability to update bulk storage measurements -Fixed levy slip calculation -Allow verified QC pictures to be enlarged -Added ability t... Continue Reading

Oct 22, 2020
PATH - v2.6.1 - Release

PATH v2.6.1 has been released. This includes: Fixed issue with being able to double click fill\print boxes Added trailer covered check on shipping Added ship date to load list ... Continue Reading

Oct 21, 2020
PATH - v2.6.0 - Release

PATH v2.6.0 has been released. This includes: -Packaging draw down -Packaging take inventory page -Packaging section on packing screen Continue Reading
PATH - v2.5.20 - Release

Oct 19, 2020
PATH - v2.5.20 - Release

PATH v2.5.20 has been released. This includes: Document Descriptions Fixed copy PO button for iPhones Added search field for storage box page Added option to base Grower Or... Continue Reading

Oct 8, 2020
PATH - v2.5.19 - Release

PATH v2.5.19 has been released live. This includes: -Feature added to fill boxes with mixed content from a production run (beta) -Improved bulk QR code generation -Defaulted fill width on... Continue Reading
PATH - v2.5.18 - Release

Oct 7, 2020
PATH - v2.5.18 - Release

PATH v2.5.18 has been released to live. This includes, Feature to track and assign asset fuel usage (farm\not farm) Feature added to bulk print storage box labels from web Sched... Continue Reading