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Update Log

PATH - v2.6.9 - Release | Nov 9, 2020

PATH v2.6.9 has been released to live. This includes:

  • Added ability to assign multiple pallets in one load postion
  • Fix to packing flow page not loading right away
  • Fix to QQC summary including deleted QC checks
  • Fix to issue selecting packaging\child items

PATH - v2.6.8 - Release | Nov 6, 2020

PATH v2.6.8 has been released. This includes:

  • Master packing page printable
  • Change CPIQ document field to remove Vanco name
  • Fixed issue with adding more items to order than ordered
  • Fixed issue with creating orders with no shipping dates
  • Fixed issue with missing delete button on main photo pdf\upload\packaging details
  • Fixed issued with QC check saving creating duplicate definitions
  • Fixed issue with no refresh notification

PATH - v2.6.7 - Release | Nov 4, 2020

The new release of PATH is live. This includes:

  • Ability to pre-set\schedule packing flow
  • Ability to use fractions of a foot for bin measurements
  • GFP parent lot\lot info added to emails and QC check
  • Ability to assign pallets to load position on android app
  • Fixed issue with GO lot information not showing after being chosen
  • Fixed issue with verification of PO’s with thousands of a cent
  • Fixed issue with packed product count when splitting pallets

PATH - v2.6.6 - Release | Nov 3, 2020

PATH v2.6.6 has been released to live. This includes:

  • Ability to control name of ‘fields’ 
  • Fixed issue with erasing document descriptions
  • Added time to QC check verification
  • Fixed issued with scanning QR codes while not logged in

PATH - v2.6.5 - Release | Nov 2, 2020

PATH v2.6.5 has been released to live. This includes:

  • Add packing pricing user permission
  • Add upload slots to load details page (Phyto\CPIQ\General)
  • Allow QC verification information to be changed
  • Fixed issue with seeing shipped pallets

PATH - v2.6.4 - Release | Oct 29, 2020

A new release of PATH is live. This includes:

  • Ability to schedule report sending
  • Added production run verification validation
  • Fix to show box history for empty boxes
  • Fix to be able to delete GO’s

PATH - v2.6.3 - Release | Oct 28, 2020

Hi all,

A new released of PATH is now live. This includes:

-Ability to add packing line comments

-Fixed issue with link on packaging scheduled page


PATH - v2.6.2 - Release | Oct 27, 2020

A new update to PATH is live, this includes:

-Added ability to update bulk storage measurements

-Fixed levy slip calculation

-Allow verified QC pictures to be enlarged

-Added ability to change customer on GO

PATH - v2.6.1 - Release | Oct 22, 2020

PATH v2.6.1 has been released. This includes:

  • Fixed issue with being able to double click fill\print boxes
  • Added trailer covered check on shipping
  • Added ship date to load list page

PATH - v2.6.0 - Release | Oct 21, 2020

PATH v2.6.0 has been released. This includes:

-Packaging draw down

-Packaging take inventory page

-Packaging section on packing screen