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Update Log

PATH - v2.7.12 - Release | Mar 1, 2021

PATH v2.7.12 is now live. This includes:

  • Ability to mass-edit storage grades
  • Add abilility to email phyto application
  • Added packaging waste report
  • Added crop year filter to settlements
  • Fix to exclude delete from packaging current count

PATH - v2.7.10 & v2.7.11 - Release | Feb 24, 2021

PATH v.2.7.10 & v.2.7.11 are now live. This includes:

  • Added related PO’s to assets
  • Make asset name clickable on work orders page
  • Fix to packaging inventory page qnty not counting
  • Fix to PR ‘Storage’ numbers showing incorrectly
  • Fix to not being able to delete sched maint work orders
  • Fix to not being able to fill GO boxes

PATH - v2.7.9 - Release | Feb 17, 2021

PATH v2.7.9 is now live. This includes:

  • Added region to CPIQ document
  • Fixed issue with QC  valid filters on new QC check page
  • Claims added for settlements

PATH - v2.7.8 - Release | Feb 16, 2021

PATH v2.7.8 is now live. This includes:

  • Remove CPIQ from pallet ID and related documents\labels
  • Production run improvements (including add PR+ button to PR page)
  • Fixed customer purchase confirmation issue

PATH - v2.7.7 - Release | Feb 12, 2021

PATH v2.7.7 has been released. This includes:

PATH - v2.7.6 - Release | Feb 11, 2021

Path v2.7.6 is now live. This includes:

  • Added ability to assign boxes to Grower Orders
  • Added ability to have co-packers on sales orders
  • Added field inputs on agronomic module (hidden for now)
  • Fixed maint odometer double time display
  • Fixed issue with default mechanic not showing on edit
  • Fixed issue with removing stacked pallets from load map

PATH - v2.7.5 - Release | Feb 8, 2021

PATH v2.7.5 is now live. This includes:

  • Map shipping pallets with barcode scanner
  • Removed packaging last count column

PATH - v2.7.4 - Release | Feb 4, 2021

PATH v2.7.4 is now live. This includes:

  • Site 4 check logic is now based on the Production Run and will be 3 days 
  • Fixed issue with previously mapped pallets retaining positions
  • Fixed PO search autocomplete performance
  • Fixed Vanco Reports for Timezones
  • Added the Grower Settlements module

PATH - v2.7.3 - Release | Feb 1, 2021

PATH v2.7.3 is now live. This includes:

  • Improved pallet search (Can now use scanners)
  • Operator now added to waste packaging selections
  • Default company is now configurable
  • Load status is confirmed before printing CPIQ (All items must be packed)
  • Ability to edit pack-to-order while on the line
  • Update packing scheduled modal
  • Fixed issue with not allowing deletes of unused PR’s

PATH - v2.7.2 - Release | Jan 25, 2021

PATH v2.7.2 is now live – this includes:

  • Add date filter to packaging scheduled ordered
  • Add storage box scanning to web app
  • Fixed issue with PO suppliers being erased
  • Fixed issue with allowing duplicates for PR variety colors