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Update Log

PATH - v2.6.19 - Release | Dec 7, 2020

PATH v2.6.19 is now live. This includes:

  • Fixed master pallet issue
  • Ability to fill boxes with mixed PR’s of a single variety

PATH - v2.6.18 - Release | Dec 4, 2020

A new version of PATH is live. This includes:

  • Automatic label printing when adding pallets

PATH - v2.6.17 - Release | Nov 30, 2020

PATH v2.6.17 is now live.

This includes a few larger items:

  • Customer Users:  Ability to add users for customers. They can only see the GO’s and Sales orders associated with them.
  • Report Permission per user: Ability to add specific reports to specific users. You can also add reports for a whole group based on their other permissons (IE anyone with box storage permission)
  • Fill boxes from Bulk\Tanks:  A new ‘Transfer’ option is now available for you to fill boxes from bulk piles or tanks. This creates associated dump and fills.
  • Assign Schedule operators: You can now set operators per packing line. This will be shown on packing page and with the packed product on a PR. You can also set default operators through the Packing Settings > Packing Lines Edit page.

Smaller items:

  • Don’t allow creating GO’s from GO lots
  • Added QC1\QC2\Actions links to GO details page
  • Added default value option for load temperate (found in shipping settings page)
  • Added minimum password requirements (8 characters)
  • Fixed issue with report parameters

PATH - v2.6.16 - Release | Nov 26, 2020

A new version of PATH is live. This includes:

  • Improved packing schedule dragging
  • Fixed issue with adding existing grower order filter selections
  • Packaging inspection now defaults to yes
  • Fixed issue with dump modal randomly being blank

PATH - v2.6.15 - Release | Nov 23, 2020

PATH v2.6.15 has been released. The “Production Runs for GO’s” feature is turned off and should be discussed with us before you use it. It will allow you to dump boxes into GO’s.

  • Added packaging waste
  • Added Production Runs for Grower Orders (Allow box dumping into GO’s)
  • Improved new version notifications
  • Add packed day column to shipping export
  • Added filtering of mixed variety boxes in list pages (duo, trio)
  • Fixed issue with scoreboard daily\weekly pounds
  • Fixed issue with report template switching
  • Fixed issue with sales order status showing ‘packed’ when not
  • Fixed issue with Packing Flow page ‘active only’ switcher
  • Fixed issue with split pallets being created as not packed
  • Fixed issue with pop-up not closing when link is clicked

PATH - v2.6.14 - Release | Nov 19, 2020

A new version of PATH is live. This includes:

  • UI changes for flow mapping when creating PR’s
  • Adding packaging inspected checkbox
  • Add option to not map loads (Bluebay)
  • Fixed issue with deleting report template

PATH - v2.6.13 - Release | Nov 18, 2020

PATH v2.6.13 is now live. This includes:

  • Change to master packing; ability to preprint labels and assign child items after.

PATH - v2.6.12 - Release | Nov 17, 2020

A new version of PATH is live. This includes:

  • Fix issue of extra empty loads
  • Allow UPC’s to start with a 0
  • Fixed issue with Vanco report email missing data

PATH - v2.6.11 - Release | Nov 12, 2020

PATH v2.6.11 has been released. This includes:

  • Added filter\sorts to load list page
  • Added QC check page on packing module
  • Alphabetized bins on scanner
  • Fix to asset QR code scanner not working
  • Fix to editing tank weights

PATH - v2.6.10 - Release | Nov 10, 2020

PATH v2.6.10 has been released to live. This includes just one item:

Packaging Updates

  • Show running tally of count
  • Show “used in line item” section
  • Disable inventory updates if running item on line
  • Added origin\destination labels to packaging titles