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Update Log

PATH - v2.7.2 - Release | Jan 25, 2021

PATH v2.7.2 is now live – this includes:

  • Add date filter to packaging scheduled ordered
  • Add storage box scanning to web app
  • Fixed issue with PO suppliers being erased
  • Fixed issue with allowing duplicates for PR variety colors

PATH - v2.7.1 - Release | Jan 21, 2021

A new version of PATH is live. This includes:

  • Ability to email uploaded CPIQ documents
  • Ability to toggle packaging ‘scheduled’ page to view packaging demand by sales orders entered
  • Fix to packaging line page not showing sales orders in single line mode

PATH - v2.7.0 - Release | Jan 19, 2021

PATH v2.7.0 has been released. This includes:

  1. Sales order confirmation document
  2. Boxes filled from mixed PR’s can now be dumped. There are a few notes
    1. The PR used to fill the boxes must be verified before you can dump any (so we know the % of each child lot – IE 20% lot 1 and 80% lot 2)
    2. When you dump that mixed PR box into another PR, it will show the child lots of the original mixed PR with prorated %’s.
  3.  Fixed issue with not allowing pallets to be returned ‘to be loaded’ when map page is full

PATH - v2.6.27 - Release | Jan 14, 2021

Path v2.6.27 is now live. This includes:

  • Map loads page style changes
  • Autofocusing to OK for dialogs (IE press enter on keyboard for ‘ok’ on a popup)
  • Fix to overpacking packaging amounts
  • Fix to ‘create and fill’ button on scanners
  • Various system administration updates

PATH - v2.6.26 - Release | Jan 11, 2021

The new version of PATH is live. This includes:

  • Moving un-started schedules to current date
  • Ability to add letters to cooler pallet lane field

PATH - v2.6.25 - Release | Dec 24, 2020

PATH v2.6.25 is now live. This includes:

  • Prevent leaving QC page with un-saved changes
  • Allow Varieties to be combined in a PR (if enabled)
  • Show all packaging use history (not just since last inventory)

PATH - v2.6.23 - Release | Dec 21, 2020

PATH v2.6.23 is now live; this includes

  • Hiding specific BOL buttons for singer order loads
  • Added ‘Lane’ to map loads page
  • Fixed missing actions on Maint Schedules

PATH - v2.6.22 - Release | Dec 17, 2020

The new release of PATH is live. This includes:

  • Ability to pre-set\schedule packing flow
  • Ability to use fractions of a foot for bin measurements
  • GFP parent lot\lot info added to emails and QC check
  • Ability to assign pallets to load position on android app
  • Fixed issue with GO lot information not showing after being chosen
  • Fixed issue with verification of PO’s with thousands of a cent
  • Fixed issue with packed product count when splitting pallets

PATH - v2.6.21 - Release | Dec 15, 2020

A new version of PATH is live. This includes:

  • Output size and grade now enabled on packing line
  • A fix to packaging inventory numbers
  • Added ability to change theming for tenants

PATH - v2.6.20 - Release | Dec 15, 2020

A new version of PATH is live. This includes:

  • A fix to mobile buttons
  • Making ‘Storage’ section of PR’s clickable