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Update Log

PATH - 2211.6 Release | Nov 14, 2022

-Added Storage QC Checks page (Storage > QC Checks)

-Fixed issue with not being able to duplicate sales orders

-Added ability to sort how packing lines are displayed on packing page

Path 2211.5 - Release | Nov 9, 2022

-Upgrade PATH to Angular 12

-Tentat Report Changes

-New PHI report

PATH v2211.4 Release | Nov 8, 2022

-Fix issue with agronomic operation date resetting

-Fix issue with adding ship-to locations

-Add better error messaging

-Sort distances on Agro fields

-Fix issue with shipping button warning

-Fix issue with PHI warnings

PATH v2211.1 Release | Nov 1, 2022

-Fixed issue with tare on imported boxes

-Added tenant reports

-Fixed PHI warnings on harvest

-Fixed shipping button QC warning

PATH -V2210.10 - Release | Oct 26, 2022

-New agronomy Dashboard card

-Set crop season on PR output lots

-Close output lot when PR is verified

PATH - v2210.8 | Oct 24, 2022

A new update to PATH is live. This includes:

-Updated Storage Location page to include a search, filters, and sorts. 

-Made change to PR verification (All colors not required if "ignore colors" is checked)

-Added Custom box fill amount

-Fixed issue with sales order pallet list being incorrect 

-Fixed issue with verifying QC checks from QC list page

-Fixed issue with default values on QC checks when no custom field exists

PATH - v2210.5 - Release | Oct 12, 2022

-Ability to change pallet PR

-Fix line item export

-Clean up workflow permissions

PATH -v2209.7 - Release | Sep 22, 2022

- Added "No restricted Product" option on Production Runs

-Added ability to disable location mapping for assets

-Fixed issue with box scanning

-Fixed issue with line item search

-Various Tenant Reports

PATH -v2209.5 - Release | Sep 13, 2022

New update to PATH is live. This includes:

Compliance module now has editable columns to pull in QC definition data
To add new columns

  1. Click EDIT on the workflow details page
  2. Scroll down to bottom, click SET FORM COLUMNS
  3. Check off the required columns and save

If you don’t see a metric there that is in your definition – make sure that metric has a CODE. Metrics without a code do not show up to select as columns.

Packaging Notifications
On the sales orders you’ll see a new column with an icon that shows either

  1. Checkmark when there’s enough packaging
  2. Warning when packaging is below re-order level
  3. Warning when packaging is below inventory

When you add an item to a sales order, it will have a popup if scenario 2 or 3 exist.

PATH -v2209.4 - Release | Sep 12, 2022

A new update to PATH is live. This includes:

-Increase box fill limit to 200 

-Fix issue with box scan stopping 

-Set PR output lots with grower if known

-Remove requirement for QC taker permission for storage QC checks

-Save timestamps when mapping pallet loads

-Fix issue with Maint scheduled tasks not creating