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Upcoming Modules

We're constantly adding new features and modules! Here's a few of the modules currently under development. If you have any questions or would like to know a more concrete timeline, feel free to reach out to us on our Contact Us page. Meanwhile, check out the latest updates on our Update Log.  

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Sales Orders

Track your customer sales orders and purchase history

  • Allow data entry of orders to be packed and/or shipped
  • Update packaging inventory
  • Generating sales order confirmations and other documentation


Creates master list of all packaging with pictures, specifications, and reorder levels.

  • Manages packaging inventory in real-time, as orders are placed and filled.
  • Automates and manages packaging reordering, receiving, and payments.
  • Supports inventory adjustments based on recounts.


Uses grower orders to acquire and track raw product from farmers into a packing plant.

  • Generates shipping and receiving documentation, including recorded quality checks of product and trailer condition upon receiving.
  • Supports the grading and sizing of raw product into boxes, bins and other holding areas and generates unique storage labels.
  • Tracks the exact location of raw product within the staging cooler.
  • Allows data entry of raw product quality checks and CFIA required documentation.
  •  Supports creation of lot mixes from different lots to be packed together. 


Our Packing module will allow items to be scheduled onto packing lines and will track item packing in real-time.  The user will be able to:

  • Track quantity and quality.
  • produce CFIA-required ID labels.
  • Monitor finished product inventory.


Our Shipping Module will work in tandem with our other modules to

  • Create and schedule loads containing fulfilled customer orders to be shipped.
  • Generate all required shipping documentation.
  • Allows tracking of shipments. 


Our Production module will define a master field list as well as a lot list to be planted with a specific crop each season. This solution will maintain field and agronomy records while simultaneously tracking raw product storage and inventory!