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Storage Inventory Module

Track box storage inventory in real-time using your smartphone!

Don't easily know your product inventory on hand? Have a stack of paperwork that's hard to sort through? The PATH Storage Inventory module allows you to use your smartphone or an RFID scanner to record box fill, dump, and location moves. Always know your product inventory on hand! No more guessing or estimating. Record each action as it happens - once. Make data-driven decisions easier by knowing exactly what, where, and how much product you have. 

PATH Storage Inventory supports the use of RFID scanning technology and wireless printing. Print box labels with a few clicks. 

Module Tour

Check live inventory

Use your smartphone or computer to quickly check inventory. Narrow down your search by location, variety, size, grower, and many more. Run reports to get a tally of the days fills or dumps - knowing what product went where for any given time period! 

Box fill, dump, and move actions

Print a box labels in seconds - each label contains a QR code scannable by any mobile device with the PATH app! Changing box locations, adding box contents, or recording a box dump is as easy as scanning the code with your phone and clicking a few buttons. The storage inventory module supports the addition of information such as location, variety, lot, date filled, weight filled, grade, and size. 

The PATH Storage Inventory module also supports bulk fill\dump\move actions to save you time.