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Shipping Module

Our Shipping Module will work in tandem with our other modules to

  • Create and schedule loads containing fulfilled customer orders to be shipped.
  • Generate all required shipping documentation (CPIQ, Bill of Lading, Levy Slip, Load Map)
  • Allows tracking of shipments. 

Module Tour

Menu Options

The Shipping module 3 subsections including:

  • Shipping
  • Loads
  • Settings


The Shipping page allows the user to organize orders into loads by simply dragging and dropping them into the correct posiion. These loads are displayed by Ship Date which then can be Mapped onto a truck. The Map Loads page in turn allows the user to drag a Pallet onto a specific area of he Truck.


The Loadspage lists shipped and unshipped loads, allowing you to manage Trailer Logs, to Map the load onto a truck, and to print Levy SlipsBOLs, and CPIQs.