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Packing Module

Our Packing module will allow items to be scheduled onto packing lines and will track item packing in real-time.  The user will be able to:

  • Plan packing schedule
  • Track production lots from storage through to the finished product
  • Create unit labels, case labels, and pallet labels
  • Integrated quality control checks
  • Monitor finished product inventory 

Module Tour

PATH Home page

The PATH Landing page allows you to quickly access important information with a few clicks

  • A quick link to view the Current Packing
  • Displays the Packing Scoreboard

Menu Options

The Packing module has  many subsections including:

  • Packing
  • Packing Flow
  • Finished Cooler
  • Scheduled
  • Production Runs
  • Settings


The Packing page allows the user to view the Packing Scoreboard and manage the following aspects of a given Packing Line:

  • Manage Packaging on the line & 
  • Manage/View Pallets packed on the line
  • Manage Production Run
  • Manage QC checks
  • Schedule the packing line

Packing Flow

The Packing flow page give you an overview of how product is running through  to the Packing Line. 

Finished Cooler

The Finished Cooler pallets can be accessed under that menu item, where you may print their label, change the quantity, add QC checks, and more!


The Scheduled page gives the ability to generate an item list based on the date and line capability, giving pertinent information  on the inventory on hand, amount ordered by a specific date and more!

Production Runs

The Production Runs page list out the in-progress and completed runs.

Settings Options

The Settings pages afford the user the ability to edit some overall options/settings associated with Packing

  • Line Items
  • Custom Fields
  • Packing Lines
  • Pallet Recipe
  • Line Capabilities
  • Printers