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Maintenance Module

The biggest issue we hear from our clients regarding equipment maintenance is a lack of communication. This causes all sorts of problems such as:  

  • Emergencies arise and priorities change
  • Small issues are not reported
  • Scheduled maintenance not completed
  • Accurate equipment histories not recorded
  • Records are kept somewhere on paper or on a single computer

PATH maintenance module helps you bridge the communication gap and let you know what the status of your equipment and work to-do list is from any device with an internet connection. With just a few clicks users can report equipment issues, assign work orders to mechanics, manage workloads, set priorities, and automatically generate future scheduled maintenance work orders. PATH is designed to be easy to use for any age or skill level. Launch PATH either on your smartphone or a computer!

Your equipment has never been easier to keep track of using the PATH Maintenance Module!

Module Tour

PATH Home page

The PATH Landing page allows you to quickly access important information with a few clicks

  • Scan asset barcode
  • Add new work order
  • Search work order and assets

Adding work orders

Allow any user to report issues with ease. There are three ways to add a work order:

  1. Scan equipment barcode from your phone camera app and click 'Add Work Order'
  2. Click 'Add Work Order' from the landing page and search for asset 
  3. Add a detailed work order from the 'Work Order' summary page

Add Scheduled Work Orders

Easily add reoccurring work orders based on:

  • Odometer intervals (Eg. Every 2 hours\KM\Miles)
  • Time intervals (Eg. Every 2 months)
  • Specific dates (Eg. Every December 1st)

Browse Work Orders

Keeping your team and tasks on track is simple using the PATH maintenance module

  • View work order status
  • Manage workloads
  • Assign work orders to technicians

Other Features

Other PATH features include

  • GPS locations
  • Odometer recording
  • Additional asset data recording