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Aug 3, 2020
PATH - v2.4.17 - Release

Path v2.4.17 has been released to production. This release includes:


-NAV Shipping export

-NAV GFP Export

-Add crop season to lot

-Allow QC taken date & time to be edited

-Added packed product traceability code

-Allow pallets to be added to orders via map load page

-Added ability to split pallets

-Fixed issue with packing line inputs not carrying over

-Load page improvements (sorts, remove add load button, fix CPIC button)

-Production Run Improvements

-Show colors when scheduling

-Ensure colors on PR’s match item colors

-Ensure dump product matches PR product requirements

-Show color on PR list page

-Show colors on PR drop down list

-Don’t allow product of same color but different grower to be added to PR

-If PR has multiple lots of same color – assign color ratios to dumped amount