PATH is built modularly so it can fit your industry perfectly. Take a look at our industry packages to find out what PATH can do for you!

Success Story

PATH for Vanco Farms
Vanco Farms Ltd is a PEI grower and producer of potatoes and tulips. This group of companies required a system to track potato and tulip orders in rea... Continue Reading


There's a lot of information to capture on a farm. PATH is a unique platform that ties together all your data points in one central location. Planning for the future requires knowing your history! Fertilizer rates, acreage reports, crop rotations, spray history, harvest data, quality control, field scouting, sizing reports, inventory numbers and much more are available on PATH. 


  • Track your growing cycle with field scouting and spraying records
  • Record harvest and storage inventory 
  • Track bulk and pallet box inventory with RFID and QR technology
  • Track vehicle maintenance and repairs
  • Track employee purchases and orders

Farmers Package

Complementary Modules:
Maintenance Module Purchase Order Module

Success Story

PATH for Parkland Seeds
Parkland Seed Potatoes is a potato variety marketing company introducing new Agrico potato varieties to Canada, the United States, and Mexic... Continue Reading


Brokers utilize PATH to follow customer sales orders from contact to delivery. PATH handles intricate pricing structures such as seed royalties, commission, and shipping rates. PATH keeps all documents such as CFIA bulk movements, seed certification,  bills of lading, and ministerial exemptions in one place. Enter custom information such as container seal numbers, shipping dates, arrival dates, and certification numbers. Emails are built into PATH to allow you to communicate easily with your customers and vendors. 

Let PATH organize your brokerage paperwork! No more spreadsheets and papers. PATH works well on mobile and desktop computers. 

Brokers Package

Complementary Modules:
Purchase Order Module

Success Story

PATH for VanMeekeren Farms
Van Meekeren Farms, of Lakeville, Nova Scotia is one of Nova Scotia's largest apple importers and exporters. This grower/packer required a s... Continue Reading


PATH was developed over 10 years ago with produce traceability in mind. The core PATH modules come together to tell the story of your product from start to finish. Increased regulatory and food safety requirements mean today's farm deals with many industry-specific programs such as CFIA C-PIQ and CanadaGAP.  PATH allows your users to easily track the required elements to ensure you're compliant with the latest mandate. 

  • Record customer orders and sale prices
  • Organize your packing schedule 
  • Follow produce lots and mixes through to finished product
  • Record grade checks at various points
  • Record packaging inventory
  • Record shipping information & generate documents
  • Generate sales invoices 
  • Run management reports on inventory, pack-out, sales, shipping, and recalls

Packers Package

Complementary Modules:
Maintenance Module